Unpacking the private sector. An interview with Unusual suspects researcher Sarah Cummings.

If you are working in today’s development sector, you are bombarded with abbreviations, acronyms and complex jargon on a daily basis. The notions of ‘multi-stakeholder partnerships’ and ‘working with the private sector’ will most likely be all too familiar, but, as Sarah Cummings argues, “when we talk about working with the private sector, people often don’t consider the different types of private sector and what that really means from a development perspective”. In her research, Cummings, who works at the Athena Institute at VU University Amsterdam, tries to unpack this idea of collaborating with the private sector, focusing on knowledge brokering in the field of international development. Hang on… research on the role of the private sector in knowledge brokering for international development? It is quite likely that people don’t know what this means either … Perhaps it is time to have a word with researcher Sarah Cummings herself.